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9th-Aug-2018 07:01 pm - Round 22 at animated10in20

Round 22 has started over at animated20in20. You will find more information here.
This comm used to be a 20in20 but it's a 10in20 now.
constance, bbc musketeers, dartagnan
9th-Aug-2018 08:58 pm - Perioddrama Ic Promo!

perioddrama_ic has posted a new Challenge. The theme is Era! To read the rules and participate, go HERE!
Morgana :: green dress/background
30th-Jul-2018 07:52 pm - Killing Eve Icon Battle!

Sign ups are OPEN to participate in a Killing Eve Icon Battle over @ iconbattles!
eve :: killing eve
25th-Jul-2018 06:55 pm - Perioddrama Ic Promo!

Challenge Ten: Villain is OPEN over @ perioddrama_ic. People have until the 31st of July 2018 to submit entries, though we may extend the deadline if needed.
Morgana :: Purple
25th-Jun-2018 06:59 pm - Perioddrama Ic Promo!

Challenge Nine: 10 in 20 days is OPEN over @ perioddrama_ic! For this special challenge, participants will make 10 icons in 20 days!
Arwen :: 3x07
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