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30th-Mar-2018 04:30 pm - sh_epic.
sh_epic sh_epic sh_epic
an episode-by-episode icontest dedicated to freeform's shadowhunters.
affiliates. / banner makers.
tatiana maslany // orphan black
18th-Feb-2018 05:46 pm - maslanyicontest.
maslanyicontest maslanyicontest maslanyicontest
a icon contest dedicated to the gorgeous actress ---- tatiana maslany.
affiliates. / banner makers. / suggestions. / challenge 001.
tatiana maslany // orphan black
17th-Feb-2018 09:04 pm - Perioddrama Ic Promo!

Over at perioddrama_ic there are just under 7 days (Countdown Clock) left for people to submit icons for Challenge Two: Jane Austen. So far no icons have been submitted, and we would really appreciate some.
P&P 2005 :: bennent sisters
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