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for any iconrelated journal and community

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ipromo: for any iconrelated journal and community
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Anybody , Moderated

Mirror: [community profile] ipromo

A community to promote any icon-related journal or community.


* Post in this format:
- Username of iconrelated journal/community in subject box
- Banner (Maximum 300x300 or 400x200 or something in between)
- Link
- Info

* Posts without banners are discouraged. Make a pretty banner for us all to enjoy.

* You can only promote your community/journal once a week (7 days).

* Preferably two communities/journals over the cut. More is okay sometimes, but try to keep it down. I would prefer if you put excess promos under a cut.

* Obviously, no flaming. Explicit contents go behind a cut please.

* Try not to repeat the community name over and over. Once or twice will do nicely.

* I'm not a bitch about these rules (except for the flaming and the week limit), I'll cut some slack, but don't push it.


* Only members can post and entries are moderated. Never mind, posts are no longer moderated. If there's any rule breaking or drama, just comment the mod journal and let me know.

* Maintainer: kalijean. The original concept belongs to neke.


Comment to the mod's journal.


Our list of affiliates can be found here.

If you would like to affiliate, leave a comment here.

If you want to promote ipromo, you can use this button:

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